The Great Logo Debate

Aloha~so my task is to come up with and decide on a new logo to go with my new business name~Soul Role~It is down to these three(though the plumeria on the first one shown here is how it will be in all of them)at the moment though the designer I am working with has told me she will continue to revise til I am thrilled.I would really LOVE some feedback !Blessings~

ps:to learn a bit more about why I chose this as my new business name,read my first post!


11 responses to “The Great Logo Debate

  1. I like the idea of the night skies but the silhouettes get kind of lost in them so my vote is for the middle one. Fun!

  2. As much as I LOVE the crescent moon (my fav)… I vote for the sunshine (middle) one with the plumeria of the first (sounds like that was your plan). The others the colors are such that it is harder to distinguish the silhouettes and also it just has a cheery feel to it. What fun!

  3. I prefer the one with the sun behind the mountain for you new logo. The others are prettier, with the moon and sweet stars, but the sun rays seem to connect with your endeavors more, and it just harmonizes with my thoughts of you and your life (like the shell around your neck for as long as I can remember, for example). Blessings to you, Momma! All good things for you on this journey!

  4. I like the middle one, but I would either move the plumeria or lose it altogether.

    Nice, Stardove!

  5. Thanks so much everyone!It is always so hard for me to be objective when I have so much invested in something!I really appreciate other perspectives!

  6. I just added the updated version on the sunrise with the new plumeria!

  7. I love the new sun one!! I am glad to see that it seems to be unanimous for that one :)) That’s the one I like the most, too :))

  8. I think from a consumer view if I was looking for green products I would be drawn to the sun Logo,i like The flower on the top but maybe curve the letters some I think that would flow better with the circles ,but I love the crescent moon maybe use that if you have a flirty skirt or something sexy for the ladies

  9. I absolutely love the sun one because of the warm cheery feeling. but i have to say I like the plumeria in the middle of the name seems to be more connected with the name then just part of the logo.. but, yes to the sun one. It is really lovely.

  10. I like the middle one best, but I think the flower should be underneath the wording, and in purple, like it is in the top one

  11. Sun one is my favorite!

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