Some of the beauty in my life.

This is my 11 year old son Kua with Tyler,our new WWOOFER(World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) enjoying some fresh coconut.It is really exciting for the kids to have Tyler stay with us and it is refreshing for us grown-ups to have a young person around who wants to live simply and learn about farming and being a good steward on the Earth!Learn more about the WWOOF organization here:

I dream of the day that all our electricity is generated by natural resources like the wind and sun!This is our neighbor’s wind turbine turning in a rainbow!

Full double rainbow as seen from the porch off of my bedroom!This view is facing east where we can watch the sun and moonrise from the Pacific Ocean.

The organic garden with our wind turbine zipping around in the back ground!

Taro(an ancient Polynesian root that is a staple food for many people)Leaves lit up by the afternoon sunlight.Have you ever noticed how many heart shaped plants there are?

The beautiful and edible nasturtium flower.

My man hanging out with his girls.All four of our cows had calves this month-2 boys and 2 GIRLS!!Yay!!Unfortunately Horny had one of the girls and she is a big old meanie so it is hard to get too friendly with the little sweetie.Horny is one over protective mama!I keep telling her,I am the least of your problems!I have not eaten meat in over 23 years!

Nani,Moohawk’s little girl chewing on a coconut frond.Amazing how fast they grow!

The two newest calves,Thunder, Blackie’s boy and Horny’s girl Lightening behind him.

I was risking my life to take this of Lightening!Horny was snorting and threatening to bust the fence and kick my a** !Ha ha!

Ela and Mana playing with a ribbon tied to a stick.Notice Ela’s mermaid tail under her skirt!


One response to “Some of the beauty in my life.

  1. wow!!! it is so amazingly beautiful there, stardove. thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! how awesome to view the sun RISE over the pacific- we only get to see it set there. 🙂

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