Every Day is a Great Day to Celebrate MOTHERS!

Aloha Friends~

I know I am a bit late for Mother’s Day but since mothering is the hardest (and often most thankless job in the world)any day is a good time to honor and celebrate our Mothers!

Organic Cotton Lavender Flax Eye Pillow

Organic Cotton Lavender Flax Eye Pillow

I am going to give away 2 of my beautiful organic cotton http://www.harmonyart.com/index.html   print organic lavender and flax seed eye pillows!Give the Mother in your life the gift of relaxing & rejuvenating aromatherapy!

Take time to relax after a stressful day and soothe your eyes and your soul. These organic pillows are great for rejuvenating tired eyes after long hours of computer work,tending the children….you name it! Also ideal for a relaxing break after sports or yoga,or use it for deepening relaxation during meditation and afternoon naps. Also a natural remedy for chronic headaches and nausea( which make them extra wonderful for expectant mothers).

You can check out the fabric choices(prints only!)in my Etsy Shop:


To enter to win simply leave me a comment here telling me anything you wish to share about your mother,mother in law,or a woman who is a mother to you in your life.If you yourself are a mother you may leave a second comment telling me what is the most challenging part of mothering and the greatest reward.I will choose two winners at random on Saturday night(9 pm Hawaiian time) and announce the winners on Sunday,Mother’s Day.

Please spread the word!Many blessings to all~


13 responses to “Every Day is a Great Day to Celebrate MOTHERS!

  1. My mom’s courageous battle with cancer has been an inspiration to me. Throughout it all she has shown great strength and has come out on top! Yay Mom!!!!

  2. Jaqui Wright

    heylo there mamma. now that i live 3000 miles away from my mother, i feel her the most. i think about her often, calling her on a regular basis to see what she thinks. she is the sweetest woman, so giving and selfless. i wish she was my neighbor, and she does too. she would cherish being near her sweet grandson who is almost one year.

  3. Jaqui Wright

    in this second comment, i wish to touch upon how the frustration of not being able tell what is wrong, and why he won’t stop crying. but this feeling is matched 10 fold with the elation of the sweet random silly giggles that fill my heart and soul much more often. such a happy boy blesses my life.

    • Aloha Jaqui~I totally understand!It can be heartbreaking to want so desperately to help your little one and not know what they need.much love~

  4. My mother is strong. She has had to put up with me. I am eternally grateful for her love and friendship.

  5. My mother is amassing, she’s my friend and psychology. Mama knows best

  6. My daughters are the biggest blessing ever in my life. Each and every day they give me reason to be proud to say to anyone who will listen: “yes, I am their mom”!! I love you Emily and Olivia!!

  7. I’m so grateful to have a wonderful, close relationship with my mother who will be turning 86 soon. Her presence in my life is a tremendous blessing to me and having her live close by makes it even better.

  8. My biggest challenge as a mother has been to nurture close relationships between my three sons. They have had their share of conflicts with each other over the years, even though they’ve also had many close times. The greatest reward is to see how they’ve grown into caring and maturing young men, and have developed close relationships with each other.

  9. The two winners are Jaqui and Harmony!!!Congratulations please email me your mailing information etc. (soulroleorganic@gmail.com)!Thanks everyone and hope everyone has a beautiful day!!

  10. excuse me…that should have been soulroleorganics@gmail.com

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