One Year

Last week marked the one year anniversary of me deciding on my new business name and opening my Etsy Shop.I didn’t actually begin to list items til November 4th but October 18th was the day when I knew,after years of trying to come up with a new name I loved,that Soul Role was it.I wrote my first blog post (you can read that here : )that touched on the events that led to that decision but the long story short is that an old friend had flown me from the Big Island,where I live,to Maui to take part in a weekend Anasura yoga workshop,including evening Satsang with Ram Dass.I like so many people I know,read ‘Be Here Now’ way back in 1990 and my life was changed forever .It was during was of the Satsangs that Ram Dass talked about our ‘soul role’ and the proverbial light bulb went off.

Since that time I have been working day and night on my business knowing that it is truly part of my role in this life.This may sound corny but with every item I make,it is my prayer to the Universe that all humans,including myself,can awaken to our full potential as human BEINGS.That we may honor our Mother Earth and make choices that do not harm her,or any living being.That we may live life with love in our hearts and treat others with compassion and respect.It is a meditation for me and believe me,a work in progress.

It has been quite a struggle to put the kind of energy I want and need to put into my business,as well as my family and other obligations.My husband is also beginning a new business and working hard to get our organic farm on its feet.We still have our youngest at home right now so trying to schedule work time,play dates,school pickup,dance class,music class…yeah.I am sure many of you can relate.Not to mention I have been part of a group that has been working HARD for the last few years to convert our existing Public School to a Public Charter School and thankfully we were awarded our charter last August.As seems to be the case with many great changes that have occurred in history,we are being met with major opposition and fear so a lot of my energy has also been going to this very important project.

So before I forget what my point is and go on for three pages about the Charter School(ask anyone and they will tell you “don’t ask her about it!You won’t get her to shut up!”)my point is…I have felt so much success with Soul Role in the last year and received tons of great feedback and support.I can’t tell you how meaningful this has been for me on a deep level.I have struggled with crippling self doubt in my life and Soul Role has been a process of believing in myself and often having to tell that Doubting Monster to go away.Sometimes I look at what I have done in the last year and am like “I DID that??I DID THAT!!!”Back in my senior year of high school my plan was to go onto art school with a focus in textile and fashion design.That plan feel through and in my journey I discovered the whole environmental movement(back in the late 80;s ealy 90’s) and felt it was not an earth loving thing to do to promote fashion,and excess.It is funy to me at times how I have come full circle.I can follow my passion of creating beautiful and functional apparel and also stick to my beliefs on conservation,and taking care of our precious resources on this Earth.

Any hoooo…stay tuned because very soon I will be announcing a special give away hosted by an amazing blog!

I will leave you with a few recent pics.

Ela basking in the evening sun.

Ela basking in the evening sun.

Cuckoo for COCONUTS!

Cuckoo for COCONUTS!


Mana happy about his new apron with pockets!

Mana happy about his new apron with pockets!


One response to “One Year

  1. i cannot believe mana…. wow. he’s so grown!!!! our little pisces boys. 🙂 mama, i’m so proud of you and your business! you are beautiful!

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