I swear…if I had reliable Internet I would use my blog!I have so many ideas and things I would love to share but alas,am pretty limited on what I can do online.

So here is another attempt to use my blog.I will keep it short and sweet.I have been forcing myself to begin to use some of the millions of scraps of fabric I have piling up.I hear there is a show on TV called hoarders and if they had a look at my piles of scraps they would probably want to sign me up for their show!

One of the things I have been having fun creating are fun and functional braided headbands.I am tying to be a good Etsy seller and have items ready for 4th of July shoppers so made this set of three Patriotic colors 😉 My daughter Ela and her friend Bess were playing yesterday and I gave them a pile of scraps to create with as well.It was so fun to see what they came up with and they definitely gave me some new ideas!Image


I loved how the girls added ‘streamers’ onto their headbands and am going to tweak their idea and make some fun boho eco chic versions for my shop.

It has been far too long since I did a give away and so in honor of summer and Independence Day coming up,I will give away a set of three braided headbands.You can choose your top 5 colors out of these :

navy blue,ruby red,vanilla,fir green,ocean blue,stone blue,gray,black,rust,chocolate and plum

All you have to do is :

leave me a comment telling me what ‘independence’ means to you personally.

like my Facebook Page (

Follow this blog.

If you refer anyone to me,tell them to note it in their comment and you will have another entry.

I will do a random drawing on Summer Solstice(June 20th).

Aloha and many blessings 🙂


16 responses to “Independence

  1. This may be a little cliche’, but Independence to me means being free and able to live the sort of life I wish. (I’ve “liked” you on FB and I’m following your blog!) I really think that the colors vanilla, fir green, and plum would look lovely together! Hmm, but maybe CHOCOLATE, fir green and plum. lol Oh the possibilities!

  2. Your Facebook page referred me? Ha ha ha

    Independence, to me, means freedom to be who I truly am. I am nobody’s possession, I am nobody’s “thing” to give away. Independence is freedom of mind, love, heart, soul, body, expression. To be judged on my abilities, my heart and my intelligence. To be single, partnered, married and to not be made to feel as if it is wrong, regardless of who I happen to love. To have the ability to raise my children as free thinkers and protectors of anything that cannot protect itself (earth, animals, people). To be able to speak with intelligence, love and caution for others feelings. To be accountable for myself and all I do and respectfully ask the same of everyone else.
    Independence, to me, means that I am my own self. I am my own person. I am whole in who and what I am. I am who and what I am supposed to be. And that I am enough.

  3. Independence means being able to “support our troops” , even if we (vehemently) do not support the corporate war machine, and not be worried that we will be dragged out of our house, beaten, raped, killed and/or never heard from again. When I say I support our troops, I am (most certainly) not saying I support any of the deployments in the Middle East. I support getting these children, mothers, fathers etc back home to their families…alive.
    Lastly, independence means being able to say what happens and what does not happen in/to my vagina w/o enacting an act of Congress.

    • Good one!Hawaii is such a military state and so many yung people enlist here b/c there is very little economic opportunity(not to mention the public education system sucks.)I pray every day for the time we will wake up as humans and end this war machine.And hear hear to keeping Congress out of our vaginas!

  4. And I totally love the streamers from the headbands, too. Tres hippie!

    • my daughter is such a natural born hippie girl!The very first headband she ever had at age one she wore across her forehead.I would always try and put it up the other way and she’d slide it back down!ha ha ha!She didn’t get it from me b/c I ever wear mine that way 🙂

  5. Just saw your note about this on FB! Cool giveaway. I’m so excited about finding your shop (I recently ordered an orange skirt from you and I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing it over and over again!).

    Independence…to me, it’s being self-sufficient (emotionally, financially, physically, etc.), but strong enough to know when it’s okay (and/or necessary) to depend on others, or rely on them for help. This is a special holiday for me because I was born within a few days of the bicentennial and my birthday was always celebrated with red, white and blue! 🙂

    PS – I already liked your FB page and will add your blog to my Reader feed! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Independence . . . to me at this moment in time, means recognizing and honoring our inter-dependance. Realizing that give and take are two sides of the same coin and living with that knowledge and perspective. “What blesses one blesses all.” There is no me, there is only we.

  7. Being able to write for a living.
    Those headbands are really gorgeous!!!

  8. Independence to me is having control over my body and mind and what happens to them, to chose what I would like to do and where to go today. It is being able to make my own choices and not be oppressed by others. My toddler has the same wish to be independent in choice, so sometimes we have to compromise with one another!
    Have liked on fb and following your blog 🙂 Love the hairbands!

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