The Many Hats

My life is a constant juggling act,and even more so now that the kids are home for summer break.Trying to balance the needs of family,business,my involvement with the charter school conversion…my needs fall pretty ow on the list it seems.

Taking photos always juices me though so here are some from the last two weeks:

ImageHere is a Queen Emma Lily about to burst forth in flower.Makes me think of one my favorite quotes:

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
~ Anais Nin

I think of this quote a lot.I have so much fear to much insecurity and self doubt and this quote and image help me to remember to work on overcoming those fears.


I was outside taking pictures of new headbands in my home made light box when I heard a little noise and found Mana,my 5 year old,sneaking a yogurt under the house.I had told him he couldn’t have one because he keeps eating all the yogurts up and not sharing with brother and sister.It was hard not to laugh catching him all geared up in his pants that I made him when he was one (and still insists on wearing),old machete case sword holder,belts and all!


My daughter Ela and I went out to one of my favorite spots when I go for my walks down the country road for exercise.When I take my walk this spot is about 20 minutes in,where I am really feeling great and alive.There are usually some super amazing horses in the meadow and they love to come running down to the fence and see me.I usually walk in the early evening so often the light is just PERFECT!Sometimes I really wish I had my camera but actually it is even better to just fully immerse myslef in the moment of majesty.

Here is a better shot of the lovely organic cotton dress Ela was modeling.We had a really fun time!


Here is my silly husband with a Jackson Chameleon he found on our driveway!


Father’s Day Hike down to Laupahoehoe Point:



Mana showing of a big seed form a palm tree and an awapui flower(Hawaiin Ginger).


My husband insisted on taking some pictures too.I told him no pictures of me!But he pulled the Father’s Day card so I had to relent.I would normally not include a picture of myself b/c I hardly ever like the way I look in photos but this is an affirmation to love myslef the way I am.(note the lens cover stuffed into my bra!).

And finally,yesterday I planned to do some photos in ‘the studio’ with my friend Bonnie…talk about many hats!She is a computer whiz,photographer,origami master(or mistress?),violin teacher,model…what doesn’t she do??It has been so rainy but yesterday the sun came out and so we decided to do an outdoor shoot.Normally we would do outdoor photos in the late afternoon but it was 11 am when we started so we busted out the reflector to tr and get rid of the harsh shadows.I wish I had though to take a picture of the reflector propped up on a folding chair in the grass!Ha ha ha!My many hats:designer,seamstress,photographer,stylist,photographer assistant(ie:reflector position-er!) .We had so much fun and poor Bonnie is such a good was hot and blaring sun without the reflector and with…it reminds me of the old lady in ‘Something about Mary” who used the reflector to enhance her tanning experience!LOL! I ended up with some sunburn and am hoping Bonnie somehow faired better 😉



What a glorious day it was!Image

Some days it feel totally overwhelming to wear so many hats and some days it feels like a real blessing!


3 responses to “The Many Hats

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  2. Your photos are beautiful – including the one you are in! LOVE, love, love the quote. You wear your hats well!

  3. aww thanks Harmony! xoxo

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