Celebrating My Two Year Anniversary on Etsy!

In celebration of two amazing years on Etsy I am announcing a giveaway.

I will be giving away your choice of:

one infinity scarf made with re-purposed organic cotton/soy/spandex jersey in three colors(you may have some choice in colors:


A set of four organic lavender sachets(I will choose fabrics):


an organic cotton/hemp unisex rebel hat

organic cotton/hemp unisex hat

Or anImage organic lavender flax seed eye pillow(I will choose fabric)

All you have to do the enter is:

*leave a comment on this blog post with you email address so I can inform you if you have won.

*like my Facebook page and leave me a comment on my wall to let me know you stopped by


To receive additional entries feel free to share this blog post and my Facebook page with friends and have them leave a note in their comment that you referred them.Each person you refer who lets me know will count as another entry.

You have from right now until midnight on Thursday ,10/25  to enter!Ready set go!

Many mahalos for two amazing years!




Give away is NOW DONE and winners randomly drawn.Mahalo for participating..I wish I could send you all something!



36 responses to “Celebrating My Two Year Anniversary on Etsy!

  1. Oh goodie…a giveaway. Congrats on two years…where does the time go? 😀

  2. yay Sandy!!I guess I can let you slide on the email..I know how to contact you 😉

  3. Happy Anniversary lovely mama! ❤ you!!

  4. I love the vision of your store of using sustainable, recycled, soft and comfy fabrics. Congratulations on your 2 year celebration! May you have many more!
    Cinnamon Rose
    P.S. The lavendar eye pillow looks very cooling and relaxing.

  5. Happy anniversary, Nancy! You know I ADORE your work. I love my circle skirt and headbands and cannot WAIT to get another piece as soon as finances allow.

  6. Love, love, love your amazing clothing! Coral is hoping she can still wear her beautiful tulip dress from 2 years ago (can it be?) as a shirt this year. Sadly, Griffin’s peace sign top is too small. The kid is built like a brick house. Time to update the fall wardrobe! I’m all about the scarf or maybe the rebel hat 🙂
    Love, Cara

  7. Wow, you are so amazing! I always have known you to be a self motivated go getter… keep going, I love everything you make and the fabrics too!

  8. You are brilliant…continued success and blessings to you and your vision and family. Amber wants to model for you again sometime. And I am about to order some goodies to add to my soul role collection.

  9. These are beautiful! Just found your shop and blog through EcoEtsy.

  10. Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy more SoulRole products & happy anniversary! I’d love the lavendar sachets or a scarf.

  11. Mahalo for the invite! & Congrats on your 2 year anniversary! Lots of great Christmas ideas

    Please email specials for the holidays!

    Aloha from Arizona,
    Celina and family

  12. deanna wentworth

    Aloha sweet sister, Congratulations on your success as a seamstress!1 It is so wonderful to see our family find ways to follow their dreams and still take good care of the earth and their spirtual life too. We love you all sooo much and you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Mahalo for your conscious focus on quality in all things. Give everybody our aloha. I hope we can all see each other over the holy days maybe??

  13. I wear the cardigan. peasant top, and faux wrap dressed I ordered from Soul Role more than any other items in my closet. They feel so great and the colors are lovely! I have a very long list of future items I plan to order 🙂

  14. All these comments make me sooo happy!!Love to you all!

  15. Congratulations, and wishing you many more years of success!

  16. I have liked you on FB for some time!

  17. I love your shop! You are a shining example! Mahalo nui!

  18. Zizi Zolten-Chandler

    Happy Anniversary, Soul Role! Second year is cotton. How fitting! Organic cotton, of course! No stopping you now!

  19. congrats on your two years. you make beautiful things!

  20. Caitlin Patterson

    So happy that you found your soul’s role. If all beings could be in the role that resinates in their own soul a beautiful thing that would be. Love you.

  21. YAY! I am here at the blogpost…. please enter me in…
    xxoxo love you stardove! 🙂

  22. Hey Stardove! I love what you are doing! You are SO awesome! (-:

  23. Congratulations on two years!

  24. Congrats on all your much deserved success! Two years, woo hoo! Now you have got to put Soul Role on instagram! It’s a free application for your smartphone. All you do is upload pics, and spread the aloha. My friends on instagram follow people who have clothing companies, and I’ve seen a lot of networking done that way! Let me know when yu join instagram, and I’ll follow you! Seriously, I think with all ur pics, you will get a good following their too, and new people may discover your Soul Role etsy page! I’m Sealestial on instagram. Check out Dvit Swim for promoting a clothing line on there if you like too

    • oh man Chris!I don’t even HAVE a smartphone but have been SERIOUSLY feeling like I should get one!You have just given me another reason to go for it.I just don’t want to get even more wrapped up into technology than I am,but I guess the pros at this point for running my business out weight the cons.Maybe my bday gift to myself 😉
      And thanks for all the support over the years!

  25. Monica Maristuen

    Happy 2nd Anniversary and many more! Love the colors you choose and the photo above is great!

  26. Congrats on two years Stardove! You make such wonderful, quality, treasures! I wish you many successful years to come!!!

  27. congratulations mama! i know i’m late to the party but i still wanted to send you my love! i’m so proud of your two year mark!!!!

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