trip to the post office

I just joined to rest of the known world and got an iphone.I mostly bit the bullet so that I could use it as a hotpsot and have more reliable internet at home which has been a huge issue for me living off the grid.So without further ado,here is a little iphone photo journey of my trip to the post office…

Here she is,my old plantation era post office.The hours were recently cut way back so when I arrived I forgot that they would be closed from 11:30-12:30 and could not pick up my package.Drat!But what better excuse to get out and check out the raging stream that runs right next to the PO?It was DUMPING rain last night,and this is the same stream that borders our property about a mile up the mountain.


Here is the view looking over the mossy bridge towards the ocean.The stream waterfalls off the cliffs into the ocean just below this bridge though you cannot see it here.


This is the view on the mountain side(or mauka as we say in Hawaii)of the stream.Look you see it too??




I love finding hearts in nature!

And driving back home saying hello to some new calves at a neighbor’s place…


And almost home…hoping this patch of blue sky holds out for a while!


I would have left you with a photo of pulling into my place but my sister called and there was no way to figure out how to talk on the phone and take a picture!He he!

And this concludes my little experiment with taking photos with my phone and figuring out how much data I use to post a simple blog update.I wear my next blog post will be totally exciting! 😉


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