Where to begin? I grew up in suburban New Jersey and longed to live on a farm in the country. My mother and Auntie taught me to sew at an early age and I was always creating something! In high school I began creating my own clothes and for my senior art project designed and made my own prom dress(note: never loan out your fabulous prom dress to a drag queen-you may never get it back!).I had plans to go to art school with a focus on textile design but instead ended up traveling all over the US and Europe with the Grateful Dead, handcrafting clothing and jewelry to support myself. I learned through that experience that what I really wanted to be doing was finding a place to put my roots down and live in harmony with the Earth. In 1992 I moved to Hawaii with 18 dollars in my pocket and dreams of sustainable living. In the years since, I met my husband, had four kids (homebirths!), and have been in the slow process of creating an off grid home and organic farm. In the late 90’s I began searching for sustainable fiber fabrics and working exclusively with them. It has been so exciting to see the evolution of sustainable fiber fabrics and be a part of this important shift!


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